October 23, 2015

Our Success

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Through using  smart tricks, questions, Facebook friends requests (Real People from different cultural groups e.g., ethnicity/race, gender and many smart tricks based on personal investigation) we will save your time accepting/rejecting pending friends requests and send you the person’s Facebook Timeline saved in one PDF file.

Currently. Our success is based on our facebook members around the globe, that constantly rising. Nearly 80% percent of the total orders!

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18 thoughts on “Our Success

  1. in this case, facebook monitoring is spying, no matter how you feel about it. When they find out it will eliminate trust from the relationship

    1. You really make it appear so easy with your prsneetation however I in finding this topic to be really something which I feel I might by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and very extensive for me. I’m taking a look ahead for your subsequent post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

      1. I hate to sound like an old-timer, but teenagers really do not respect anybody or anything these days either. When I first moved into Bushwick, I was quickly distracted by a group of teens walking down my street throwing out every curse word and racial slur imagined.Last time I checked potty-mouthed kids were subject to soap in the mouth and maybe a paddle or two on the behind (Hell yeah, kirgsteena/eds should be beaten every now and then). A little discipline never hurt anybody!

  2. To save your marriage, unfriend your partner on Facebook profile.

    Therapist warns that Facebook and Social networks can be toxic to a relationship. No one should have to delete anything. Both people in the relationship should devote time to eachother with out social media. Social media isn’t the reason why these relationships aren’t working.
    No one should have to delete anything. But exactly the opposite of this is to monitor your husband/wife’s facebook profile and this is the simple and effective way to do this.

  3. In my case, I can honestly say that I enjoy faceves services. it’s not exactly the technological marvel but who care if work.

  4. well but I’m not fully satisfied with faceves. i also sent them 3 links to facebook profiles, but got only two pdfs. here are 66,6666666% success, not 80 as they say

  5. There’s no “internet license” and hopefully there never will be, kids just need to be aware that almost nothing is Private online and they could generally be interacting with anyone from anywhere in the world. Any time a child is handed a smart phone, it’s like giving them access to everything the world has to offer. It doesn’t take into consideration their age or maturity level. Any time a child hops online, they have access to all sorts of things…some appropriate and others not. We can lead by example and should, and we should be having open and honest discussions with kids. However, they are young and they are impressionable, and keeping them accountable is important. If a technology offers a way to restrict access depending on who is logged in and allows you to track websites, I think that’s totally acceptable given everything that is out there. I would consider this monitoring, not spying. I used this info only to decide whether the fb is actually dangerous.

  6. The real question is not how but why!! Am already enjoying it and moreover my wife has a lot of things to do rather than wasting her precious time on non trivial issues..she is not social media freak..there is nothing I hide from my wife whatsoever as am commenting she replied some of ur comments..hahahaha

  7. Thank you for letting me know and see his timeline, the reason I’m interested in viewing his facebook profile is because he’s my boyfriend and has recently removed me from his followers list and I’m suspicious that he’s cheating. He’s a very reserved person so I expected him to not accept requests from random people, though I figured it was worth a try. Ultimately though I don’t know what I’m hoping to find, I hope I’m wrong but I feel compelled to find out. Please let me know if there are any changes, this is important.Thanks again.

  8. Yeah that was the one part that raised alarms for me too, as I attempted to elude to. Unfortunately when we surrender to using a private platform we are powerless before it. However, I found the rest of the message quite positive. Basically I am happy with faceves.com services but my real name is not Max.

  9. Omg what an amazing service – thank you so much for this!!!!
    I cannot thank you enough for your website and assistance.
    I noticed that you wrote at the top private & public, did you happen to notice if he has restricted settings or was his friends.
    I feel like I am turning into a psyho, there is a history here so i feel the need to protect myself.
    Thank you again

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